Most advanced cloud based executable protector.

Why choose CloudProtector?

Here is a few reasons why you should choose CloudProtector over another executable protector!

Friendly Support

We offer support 24/7 for our members. Either via Skype, Jabber(XMPP), ticket or email. Just use the way you prefer!

Instant Protecting

We do not want you to wait for your file to be protected. With CloudProtector, you just upload and protect. As easy as 1, 2, 3.


Every members informations and files are securely stored in our servers to make sure only you have access to them.


CloudProtector is very affordable. With packages ranging from 1 Month to 6 Months and with a lifetime package, they suit your needs for sure.

Always Updated. Harder to reverse engineer.

CloudProtector is updated almost every day to make sure that protected files are always secure and hard to crack/reverse engineer.


Here is a brief list of our features:

  • Custom Icon
  • File Binder
  • Multipe Injection
  • Startup
  • Custom MessageBox
  • Mutex
  • EOF Support
  • Hide File
  • Melt File
  • Process Persistence
  • Crtical Process
  • VersionInfo Remover
  • ZoneID Remover
  • Anti Sandboxie
  • Anti Emulation
  • Anti Virtual Machine
  • Anti Fiddler
  • Anti WPE, Wireshark
  • Anti Dumping
  • Anti Tampering
  • Ressource Protection


We have multiple packages to make sure they suit your needs. Here they are!

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